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About Me

My Name is Rob Tari and welcome to my online portfolio!

I am a cartoonist based in Toronto. I also founded the Canadian film production company Turtle Studios, where I wrote and directed 2 films.


I first began drawing when I was 3 years old and haven't stopped since. Growing up, I lived on a steady diet of all things Walt Disney, Chuck Jones, Tex Avery and Hanna-Barbara. When I realized that I could actually make a living drawing cartoons, I honed my skills and studied the masters such as Disney's Nine Old Men, Richard Williams, Eric Goldberg, Glen Keane and Genndy Tartakovsky. 

I graduated from the animation program at Seneca College and have worked in the industry as everything from a concept artist, character designer, storyboard artist, layout designer, 2D animator and graphic designer.

In 2012, I founded my own film production company "Turtle Studios" and wrote and directed the films
Soul Mates in 2013 and Us in 2015.


Since 2016, I have worked as an art instructor, sharing my knowledge and skills to young and upcoming animators. 


In 2020, I contributed animation and illustrations for the CBC Short documentary Patient People. 

This website is devoted to my professional and personal artwork.

Take a look around!

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